Whether it's a simple consumer necessity or an elaborate technical appliance, every product needs equal consideration and development. Taking the product requirements of all involved stakeholders into account I commit myself to creating innovative and value added designs.

Marketing involves itself more with the corporate positioning and market development of a company or brand. Promotion is just one of the 4 P's of marketing. But it is the most practical and therefore the most referred to when talking about marketing.

A 3D model can be used in any phase of a product's development. As a conceptual model to verify a proof of principle, as a preliminary design model in order to produce product prototypes or as a product's visualization to be used for presentation or promotional purposes. With a personal interest into architecture and interior design, as a product designer I can't refrain myself from exploring this discipline as well. Because of my practical approach I've been able to test and improve my skills in the field of (interior) architecture.

Although through my interests I've developed myself into several disciplines within the field of design, my passion and therefore my key value is still found in the area of industrial design engineering. With my degree as a Industrial Designer I've received both a wide technical and creative education. This has provided me with a analytical and problem solving mind ready for any design challenge.

Thanks to my integrated involvement in my client's businesses I've been able to use my design skills for the development of promotional manifestations. Whether it's the development of an entire corporate identity or just the production of a well thought of sales brochure, I'm happy to provide my development and publishing skills. With many years of experience in CAD applications I've been exploring the possibilities of 3D modelling. Using it to create elaborate technical models in order to create technical drawings and verifying product details as well as creating models for product visualization and user experience. Trough my history of hands-on approach I never been scared to try something new. As an industrial designer I've always been happy to contribute to the creation of architectural products with the user's experience and usability as key values.
Please have a look at my selection of work to see what service I might be able to provide to your business. Please see through my selection of promotional developments to have a look what I can do for your marketing statements.

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